Keeping in Touch - June

Hi there!

Let’s hope these sunny days are here to stay! Just a reminder to pack plenty of water, a hat and your sun-cream.

Data Protection The committee is fully aware of the new data protection regulation GDPR, which is being currently discussed, to make sure we are fully compliant with this regulation. The security of the club’s database remains a priority and the information currently contained in it remains the sole use of the club only.

May Weekend. We had 24 members on our recent annual May weekend in Carmarthenshire. Blessed with excellent weather, (some say it was too hot!) we had a variety of walks in the area including mountain, moorland, a dramatic castle and Iron Age fort. A big thank you to all who made this a great success, the walk leaders, Helen who organised the catering, all those who cooked the delicious food, everyone who helped clear up and most of all to Barbara who was the main organiser of the weekend. She has now stood down from this role which has been taken over by Val. Next year’s May weekend will be in the Peak District National Park, staying at Quarnford Lodge, just south of Buxton. So save the date!

Keeping the group together. In order for us all to enjoy our walking day, it’s ideal if we don’t lose any members of the group en route! Here’s a few tips to help us all do just that:

  • When you’re leading, keep an eye on how the group are doing and adjust the pace if you need to. This is especially important if someone has suffered an injury.

  • If the group gets strung out, advise the leader to stop and let the people behind catch up. The leader may have to adjust the general pace. We need to keep the slowest walkers in mind, even if it messes up the planned timings. If someone is really struggling you might think about inviting them to walk with the leader at the front.

  • Don’t lose those at the back! At path junctions, please ensure that all group members know which way you have gone. If you’re leading, make sure the back marker is also aware of which way you are going.

  • We have a duty of care to each other and it is ALL our responsibilities to make sure we don’t lose people during the course of the walk. So let’s look after each other!

Walking on the road. We’re not very disciplined about our road walking! The Highway Code states that we need to walk in single file facing on-coming traffic, (ie on RHS of road,) unless approaching a blind bend. This is for all our safety. It’s always good to do as little road walking as possible on our planned routes, however this can’t be avoided sometimes. We need to remind each other to keep to the right and be aware of traffic.

See you out on a walk soon!

Single Boots Committee

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