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Elan Valley holiday

Written by Deborah


In January 2024 quite a few of us went to the Elan Valley in Wales, where the water for Birmingham comes from. I’d always known about it, having visited the model in Cannon Hill Park many times, but never been there. Unlike most other SB holidays, this one was totally organised by the Elan Valley Lodge where we stayed (booked by Andy - thanks Andy!). This is the Victorian School now converted into a reasonably comfortable venue with great food, adequate rooms with en suite facilities and a guide who knows his stuff!

We only went for 2 nights, but managed to explore a great deal of the area, visiting several of the dams, learning about the history and enjoying some great scenery on our different walks.

Above and below, Cabon Coch reservoir, showing some of the dams.

Nantgwyllt Church, which replaced the original medieval structure in the early 20th century. It has the original church’s bell  and some of its oil lamps.

We were lucky with the weather, allowing for some beautiful reflections in the waters:

This was a great weekend, a bright spot in the lull after Christmas, with invigorating walks, fabulous scenery and lots of socialising - thank you Single Boots (and Andy!)


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