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  • Alan

Tanat Valley and Berwyn Mountains Weekend, Wales (October 2016)

2 Walks - Moderate/Strenuous 7 and 10 miles

We very much enjoyed the rich colours of autumn in the Berwyn Mountains, taking in a mountain ridge, beautiful valleys, wonderful waterfalls, a pilgrim’s trail with an interesting church, forest tracks, the tranquillity of Lake Vyrnwy, a wild moor, oh and a few bogs! These were all in a walking weekend in the Tanat Valley and the Berwyn Mountains. Even finding some of the footpaths was an exciting adventure in this quiet back water of the lower end of North Wales. October was a bit late in the year for camping except for some of our hardiest (craziest?) members who have sometimes camped in the snow.

The rest of the weekend group stayed in Bed & Breakfasts and local inns. The first walk was to the wonderful but also quite unknown Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfalls and the Berwyn Ridge via TrumFelen and Cadair Berwyn. The second walk started at the Lake Vyrnwy visitor centre andexplored the wild and remote countryside in that area.

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