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Waseley & Clent Hills 21/1/18

January 21st dawned with snow lightly falling already.....who would be brave enough to come and join me on my Clent Walk? We were six hardy souls in the end and were rewarded by some magical landscapes. Let’s not mention the muddy bits!

When we reached the tops of the hills, we were greeted by an icy blast and getting to the shelter of trees was very welcome.

We couldn’t see very far at the view point and standing stones, the day had become very misty, but there was a good depth of snow which was great fun. Lunch was taken in the porch of St Leonard’s church in Clent. It had started raining by then so it was good to get in the dry.

The ponies on Walton hill were pretty frisky as we climbed to the kissing gate and there were still no views over the valleys.

But, believe it or not, we had a great day! Mugs of tea at the Windmill cafe in front of their fire warmed us all up. Nobody had slipped over, we all had rosy cheeks and were a little damp but we certainly felt like we had earned our dinner!

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