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An Owl Box for Cliff

The barn owl box in memory of Cliff James is now made and installed on a tree in Hollybed Farm Meadows. A massive thank you to Charles, Bill and Colin for the amazing work they’ve done on it. A truly professional job and a lovely tribute to a much loved member of Single Boots. Here’s the story and pictures of its construction:

Charles sourced the wood which was delivered to Bill’s house where they were able to measure and cut out the pieces. These were then put together by Charles.

The box went off to Colin for finishing touches and now, fully constructed, the box was ready to be taken to Hollybed Farm Meadows. This is a Worcestershire Wildlife Trust reserve near Welland where Cliff used to live.

Charles and Colin met with the warden of Hollybed Farm Meadows and after scouting for a suitable tree, the owl box was fixed by way of a ladder and pulleys.

The inspection hatch has now been fitted with the following tribute to Cliff

Now fully assembled:

The Worcestershire Wildlife Trust posted this thank you on their social media:


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